terça-feira, setembro 13, 2011


Ando a desconfiar das novas funcionalidades do Blogger. Segundo as estatísticas, este blog é lido por pessoas nos E.U.A., Brasil, Bélgica, Alemanha, Holanda, Reino Unido... mas também Coreia do Sul, China, Ucrânia e Japão. E pelo que me é dado a entender, são visitas regulares, ou então podem ser várias pessoas desses países que vêm aqui parar por engano. Mas só por curiosidade, vou fazer um teste:
Hi there!
Yes, you have arrived at a blog written by a cat. A black cat, nevertheless. That means your might be out of luck or, if you just love all the kittens in the world, this might also not be the place you are looking for either. Here, cat's imagery is only used for astronomical boring things, like illustrating very boring textual content with pics of tired cats, cats contemplating the abyss, cats doing stupid stuff or cats just lying around naked human females. But if you're into naked human females, this might not be your golden sandbox either. Here the human nakedness is only used if it has some kind of humorous appeal, as an object of a somewhat artistic/platonic contemplation, or if it's, like, interacting with some cat. So, the only reason this blog has cats it's because they symbolize curiosity. And, as you might know, curiosity killed the cat (that's when the nine lives come in handy), hence the blog's subtitle of curiosity being the ultimate passion.
So, if you are here for all the wrong reasons, leave a comment stating that you feel misguided by Google or something. I'll make sure to pass your complaint to the big cat.
On the other paw, if you are here on purpose, in a mist of curiosity and nothing better to do, then you are very welcome! The only bummer aspect is that you might have perceived that this blog is all written in Portuguese. So if you are not Portuguese, hope you like the images :) But if you are a Portuguese hosted in another country, please leave a comment telling me from where you are and why are you reading this. If you are not Portuguese and you are still reading this, tell me where you're from as well. I would like to confirm that Blogger is not bullshiting me, by telling that this blog has readers from countries like South Korea, China (where cats are eaten :P), Ukraine and Japan. Because if this is true, I have to start having some international concerns, and start writing about the 1988's Olympic Games, Cat's recipes, pornstars and origami folding techniques. So, whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are not in Portugal, tell me where in the world are you, and what types of cats do you eat for breakfast. I promise I will not take that the wrong way :)

3 comentários:

Mári len disse...

desculpa lá estar a comentar num post para as pessoas do "exterior", mas eu tenho 2 seguidoras estrangeiras...nem percebo bem porque...mas ou sabem ler portugues ou gostam das fotos!:)ah e têm os seus blogs bloqueados, sópámigos...:)!

Anónimo disse...

Just so that the statistical input is correct: yes, I confirm you have two readers from abroad, namely from the country where cats know how to swim and to s@#t all over your garden!
So, keep up the good work, and it was a pleasure to see/read that your humorous gesture is international! And as always, thanks for keeping me updated as I use your blog to be tuned with the/your world.

El Felino disse...

Tanx, international babe! I hope I can always swim in your garden. :D