quarta-feira, dezembro 21, 2011

Tudo de bom...

[Verse 1: Game]Blood gang kill 'em all, Odd Future Wolf GangKidnap a vampire and drain all his f-ckin veinsWolf Grey Jordans, use his intestines for the stringsSnatch up Rihanna and throw her in front of a f-ckin' trainSniff a f-cking unemployment line of cocaineTie Lil B up to a full tank of propaneSwag, now watch him cook.. and just stand there and lookHave a bonfire with old Harry Potter booksMartians vs. Goblins, goons vs. the crooksAnd since me and Tune had Viacom shookI shoulda got a real-ass pirate to do the hookMaybe Jack Sparrow maybe Peter Pan's nemesisMy power's limitless like Blanco on Sega GenesisSuperhero, mad that Marvel overlooked meCause Spiderman and Hulk straight p-ssy!

[Hook - Lil Wayne]Bitch I'm a muthaf-ckin Martian (I'm a goddamn Goblin)Bitch I'm a muthaf-ckin Martian (I'm a goddamn Goblin)Muthaf-ckin Martian (to a goddamn Goblin)We are not the same, I am a Martian

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]A year ago, I was poor, somewhatNow my future's brighter than Christopher's new haircutBruno Mars is still sucking dick and f-cking male buttsIn the same closet that Tyler Perry gets clothes fromI suck? Where the f-ckin Ring Pops?You got a better chance of getting a copy of DetoxWolfgang, we rock, crack rock and that shit was expectedLike Jayceon whenever he name-drop (F-ck you, Tyler)Jesus, motherf-cking TheresaThis nigga Game got Wolf Haley for this featureMy team is running shit like we have full-cleat AdidasGetting chased by the polices on a full bred CheetahBishop Eddie caught me tryna escapeBag full of drag and a Nicki Minaj mixtapeDragging all you fags to the back of the log cabinFall back like Lebron's hairline against the Mavericks, he lost


[Verse 3: Game]I do cause Tunechi always bless meHe killed me on my own track, so what? Not youF-ck you, I spit like I had kids with Erykah BaduI f-cked her on the day of that naked video shootI was sucking her p-ssy like it was wonton soupThen I hit Lebron's mom in bron-bron's coupeWith Delante West taping, we had bon-bons tooWith Cleveland cheerleaders, they had pom-poms tooI smacked them bitches wearing Bishop Don Juan's suit(Where was Snoop?) I don't know, probably doing what the Crips doBut when I'm with my uncle, f-ck it! Then I'm a Crip tooAnd I will Crip Weezy, Crip Jones, and Crip youNow I'm the Doggfather, walking with a Shih TzuMad that DC comics overlooked meCause Captain America's straight p-ssy


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Catarina Vieira disse...

epá, gosto disto! bom natal para ti também :)